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This is about Starr Hagenbring which is the sister of my very best friend in the world Christy Hagenbring-Moranes. STARR is known throughout the USA and has been such a inspirational artist in so many mediums. Starr’s credentials spans over 3 decades of unique, inspiration, awesome concepts of many creative forms of  wearable and functional art.  From clothing, jewelry, and furniture. Just to name some celebrities that have embraced her artistic genius; Cher, The Judds. Barbra Streisand  These are just a few and there are many more. She is also a traditional artist also. Several cruise ships have her art work painted on their ceiling and walls.  This is just touching on the tip of the iceberg and I am sure there are many more conceptual art forms to come from this awe inspiring artist.

Here is her latest and amazing new in devour.  Check out her website and facebook  Art and Eyes website   Art and Eyes facebook


Starr is to your right

Art and Eyes

Glasses for people who want to wear glasses. Accessories for people who want to wear art. We’re a high-end art-to-wear boutique as well as a resource for the person who wants excellent vision and visionary design from their glasses.

A thing or two you should know…

Art & Eyes is more than New Orleans’ most cutting-edge chic optical shop; this is a store for people who want to wear art— a hand-painted pink and bronze bolero, a pair of earrings made out of motorcycle tires, a feathered Diane Harty fascinator, and a pair of glasses that distinguish you and your personal style. If you are looking for that outsized logo or those tiny, rimless glasses that attempt to disappear on your face, as if sort of apologizing for themselves, you might not be in the right shop. Our frames do not apologize. Our collection is for customers who understand luxury to be quality craftsmanship rather than branding, who value innovative design rather than trendiness.

Bold shapes, bright acetates and elegant angles characterize the frames at Art & Eyes, each one specifically chosen from the collections of the finest designers, classic brands and hot new upstarts alike. Your glasses are your most important accessory, framing your world and offering you the chance to be noticed, admired, envied, and probably, eventually copied by an admirer of your taste—to the best of their abilities to replicate your look, of course. At Art & Eyes, we carry lines unavailable in most places, as well as an array of vintage frames, and our selection is always evolving.

Whether you choose $64 Eye bobs or $1200 real horn frames, Art and Eyes is the place to find the perfect pair of frames, and we love nothing more than helping our customers bring their look into focus.

Guest Artists

Just like everything else you’ll see in this world, our store is always changing. We work toward keeping our store an active, vibrant visual experience. Art & Eyes is in this way much like a theater–a space brought to life by action, spectacle, and surprise.

Here are some of Starr’s wearable art


Claude Thomas Salon and Spa owner Claudia Tapp is always on the cutting edge of all aspects of the arst and the performing arts.

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