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Fringe is “IN”

Madame Claude Says

The Right Fringe for Your Face Shape

Want to update your hairstyle without sacrificing length? Stars like Taylor Swift and Sandra Bullock have undergone mini makeovers and worked fringe into their hair repertoire. Bangs offer a low-risk way to try a new look — they’re easy to add, maintain, and fairly simple to grow out when you’re ready for a new look. Here, we’ve asked our favorite celebrity hairstylists to help you figure out which fringe is best for your face shape. Plus, we have their pro pointers on working with your texture and which products will help your bangs behave.

The Right Fringe for Your Face Shape

Blunt Bangs

This dramatic look “shows off eyes, adds strength to the face, and makes a statement,” says Claudia. (Exhibit A: Katy Perry) MY stylisst will cut the bangs wide, meaning past the end of the eyebrow, all the way to the hairline at the temple.

Christina Ricci, who happens to be one of Claudia’s Favs, pulls this off well, thanks to her rounder face shape. I say that heavier bangs “are great for long tresses, because they square off round face shapes and hide large foreheads.”

For thicker blunt bangs, style with a serum or shine spray like Redken Radiant Sea Spray to keep them glamorously glossy.

Asymmetrical Bangs

“This look shown on Amy Adams and Kristen Stewart is perfect for most haircuts and face shapes,” says Madame Claude. This low-maintenance option divides the face in a way that reveals just enough forehead and creates movement toward the eye and cheekbone,she explains. I advise that you be careful not to overstyle with a brush when you blow-dry. This easy option can look great if you style them with your fingers or even let your bangs air dry.

Side-swept Bangs

Claudia loves the fabled locks of Angelina Jolie,and states that side-swept bangs are best on heart-shaped or square faces. “They’re used to experiment with bringing softness to the face; sexy and superfun; great when hair is half up and half down.”

The hair length for this look should be shoulder length or longer. “It’s best if the hair boasts waves, or a little bend,” Madame Claude says. “Tell my stylists to work off a side part.” Claudia loves White Sand STUCK UP Professional Hairspray in conjunction with a medium round brush to hold that Eva Mendes-like curve.

Cheekbone Bangs

Gwen Stefani and Heidi Klum show off a bangs option with a geometric shape that brings out the angles in your face. Madame Claude recommends asking my stylist to create two layers of bangs: an under layer and an over layer. The purpose is to use the principles of architecture to provide the top layer with a supportive foundation so that it falls in the right direction.

I advise you ask our stylist to texturize the fringe by channeling (holding scissors vertically while cutting) to enhance movement. “To style your cheekbone bangs, blow-dry in the opposite direction for volume,” is my  recommendation.

Blended Bangs

Bangs don’t have to be the most dominant feature of your cut — they can be integrated into it, as we see here on Reese Witherspoon. “This style complements Reese’s strong features rather than transforming them,” explains Claudia “It softens her look and at the same time brings a strong focus to her eyes and lips.”

I recommend this style for layered cuts because it doesn’t require as much hair per square inch to pull off. I suggests you maintain a salon-fresh look like Zooey Deschanel’s by shampooing and conditioning with Redken’s All Soft Shampoo and Conditioner to repair damaged ends.             “Healthy hair holds a style better,” .

Wispy Bangs

Madame Claude points out that “the depth of your bang — how much is made into bang — as well as how big your forehead is will determine how strong a statement your bangs make.” In the case of Kate Moss, the bangs are thick (they start far back, at the top of her head), and her forehead is deep, so the resulting bang is long and bold.

I think piecey bangs à la Nicole Richie work best on finer-haired gals (she knows — Claudia rocks this look herself).

Eyebrow-grazing Bangs

Madame Claude says this look is fantastic on just about every face shape and works with almost every hair texture, because the bangs are essentially shorter layers in a multilayered look.

I recommend that you ask my stylist to comb hair so that it falls into a natural side part, then to brush the front section forward and to the side and cut at an angle to the desired length. “To style yours like Kelly Rowland’s and Claudia Schiffer’s, evenly distribute a small size of hydrating lotion throughout hair,” You can allow the hair to air-dry naturally or blow-dry straight in sections using a boar bristle brush, to smooth the cuticle. “If you want to add more volume to your bangs, aim the blow-dryer up and away from your face to give height before letting them fall softly in place,”

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