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With Spring comes change

What does Spring mean to you? What thoughts, emotions and visions pop into mind?

Pretty flowers,
not having to lug a heavy coat around,
Being able to go outside (well…sometimes cos its London)
Slightly warmer weather, no more snow (or ice)
Longer days
Going for long walks in the park with people
ummm nicer fruit
Warm air and slight breezes
Spring is Rebirth
A time to start fresh

Spring can mean different things to different people, but it usually means starting over and refreshing your life. Think of ways you can start over. They don’t have to be huge changes. It can be as simple as moving your bedroom furniture around or cleaning out the attic. Many people also choose to have a wedding in the Spring with creative Spring wedding favors to celebrate a new life together.

Give yourself a boost of confidence as you look for a new line of work -and snag the job! Write down your goals for this Spring and you will find that things start to manifest themselves.

Do Something You’ve Neglected

Start now, what’s stopping you?


Spring is a time of warmer weather, sweatshirts and shorts, long walks, opening windows and airing out your life. If you’ve been stuck in a certain “season” of your life, try to figure out why and what you can do to get yourself out of a rut.

It could mean starting a new exercise program or committing to taking a painting class like you’ve always wanted to.

Spring is the perfect excuse for revamping a stalled out dream. Is there something you want to do but haven’t? What’s holding you back?

Step outside your comfort zone. Is there a new neighbor you’ve wanted to welcome, but it’s too cold? Now’s the time! Bring over a nice housewarming gift and make them feel welcome to the neighborhood!

Random House Webster’s College Dictionary
springsprɪŋ(v.)sprang; sprung; sprung; spring•ing
1.(v.i.)to rise, leap, or move suddenly and swiftly
2. to be released suddenly from a constrained position
3. to issue forth suddenly or forcefully
4. to come into being; arise
5. to have as one’s birth or lineage
6. to extend upward. take an upward course or curve from a point of support, as an arch.
8. to occur suddenly

This client decided she wanted to take her box-colored level 3 hair to an Amanda Bynes-inspired blonde. The results were stunning!
hair color
COLOR CORRECTION: Dark Brown to Blonde

“The thing that I like most about working with this client, is her openness to change,” Claudia says. “I often find clients are afraid of trying something new because of a commitment to change. With this makeover, we decided to take a more subtle approach when updating her color and a more dramatic this cut is inspired by ‘Rachel’ from Friends.”

hair color after

Claude Thomas salon ans Spa can help you get into that new look you have been dying to have.

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