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What does color sound like?

Claude Thomas salon Inspiration in the theme of the sound of color. This reflects the way we as stylist create a perfect composition of color and cut. As a virtuoso of color we paint in imagery of color, form and shape. This video shows the development of this theme bringing together the richness of the visual and the musical

A sophisticated global movement
Asian Experiencal spirit culture
an electric culture clash that finds harmony

a brash, loud and proud movements of color junkies
disruption is everything
70’s glam with amplified attitude

melancholy chic
austerity and emotional withdrawl

shameless decadent elitism and escapism
a celebration of living every minute
inheritance of wealth and past glory.

Color for every season on your life
Color for all aspects of who you are
Color that transends and defines time and space

Claude Thomas Salon ans Spa is specialized in all aspects of hair color and techniques of dimensional hair coloring