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Fashion & Beauty magazines & Media Mis-Informatioin.

There seems to be quite a bit mis-information that is being presented by the media, through either print, Magazines and Internet and the media through TV and Internet.
This Mis-information is concerning the fashion and beauty industry.
I am confounded by where and who they are getting their so called expert opinions and or advice.
So “Madame Claude” is going to try to clear up some of this
mis-information and some of this negative PR.
As reported in many medias that
Jennifer Lawrence has a pixie cut.

This is a pixie cut
Teen Choice Awards 2003 - Arrivals

This is not a Pixie cut
Jennifer Lawrence new look

When we as stylists (cutists) design a hair cut, we cut or sculpt the hair.
We do not CHOP hair.
In all most all written articles and Media through TV, News or Internet, these so called experts are using the term chopping off hair when referring to cutting and/or designing any short hairstyle.

The term chopping off hair is never used by the fashion and/or beauty media when they discuss hair cuts for long hair
only is used when referring to shorter styles.
2013-05-28 19.01.24
This is not a Pixie cut either
Once and for all we do not chop off hair. We are artists and what we do is sculpt hair, we cut hair, we design hair.
We do not ever chop hair.
We leave that for the non-professionals

Now for some more Mis-information regarding other celebrities who have gone shorter with their hair style.
It has been reported that these decisions for the shorter looks was because of over coloring their hair and/or a Brazilian gone bad.

Like all professional fields (Doctors, Attorney, Dentists and yes hair stylists) a well EDUCATED and EXPERIENCED
professional should always be a must, to insure the best possible results.
“Madame Claude” will be addressing the subject of damage to ones hair because of hair coloring.

One can color their hair without creating damage by relying on a well educated and experience stylist first and to listen to the advice and suggestions from that stylist as to what will work best, give you the best looks and what will not create damage to your hair

As for Brazilian Treatments and damage to one hair.
It is not possible with a reputable and certified Keratin treatment to create damage as it is just a clear coating that is on top of and sandwiched in between the hair cuticle. It does not penetrate into the hair shaft nor alter the hair structure in any way. This treatment can be used on Highly bleached Blondie hair. The only way the hair can get damaged in this treatment is poor technique on the flat ironing. This would be in the physical act and not in reference to the treatment. Flat ironing techniques should be a given in hair styling by a professional ,,,basic 101.
Again make sure you are partnered with a reputable salon and spa.

See my previous post on the differences in salons and spas and what makes for professionalism.

I welcome your posts so please feel free to let me know what you think

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