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What is this new App called “Periscope”?

The new live streaming app from Twitter


periscope (1)twitter_logo_3249042b (1)


Periscope is a live video streaming platform, and I think it is the missing link of social media that many marketers have been waiting for. It started just  March 26, 2015. And has taken the internet over.


Periscope (owned by Twitter) is a platform that allows you to video-record and broadcast to anywhere in the entire world. If you have ever been on Skype, it is a similar experience but, instead of video conferencing with one person, you can stream to the masses.


One million users joined Periscope in its first ten days.  Periscope is a completely mixed bag of ages, genders and personalities. In my opinion, I feel that this is a platform that will transcend a wide variety of audiences.  I can’t wait till Periscope reveals more usage statistics!


Periscope has its own language, and don’t be intimidated. It is just the same as liking and following on Facebook or retweeting and mentioning on Twitter.

Let’s jump into some terminology:

Scoper – A person who is on the Periscope platform

Scope – Each time you live-broadcast a session, you are creating a scope. Think of a scope as an individual broadcast session.

Hearts – One way Scopers show their love is by tapping on the screen and giving a broadcaster hearts. Periscope will tally up the amount of hearts each user has, and the color of the hearts will correspond with the color assigned to your account.

Replay – Currently, Periscope gives the option for Scopers to have their broadcast recorded so other scopes can replay the broadcast.

Follow – Scopers follow each other. It is no different than liking a page on Facebook, connecting with a user’s profile on LinkedIn, or following a user on Twitter.

You can sign up with Periscope in two ways. First, you can use Periscope in conjunction with your Twitter account, and second, you can even create a Periscope account by using your cell phone number.

If you have a Twitter profile, I would for sure use Periscope in conjunction with your account. Each time you scope, you will have the option to push a notification to Twitter in an effort to gain a larger audience.

I think as the platform grows and improves that you will be able to follow Periscope users Twitter profile from the Periscope platform.


Anything and everything.  Especially for exposure and business that simple

you are struggling for the subject content, simply announce that it is your first scope and be honest. Each and every person on Periscope has been in your situation.


Time to geek out for a minute… I am obsessed with this platform. It is the NOW social media since businesses first joined Facebook.  This is one of the first  “social media” platform to be excited about  in a very long time.

The business applications of this platform are insane. The power of transparent technology will be the next evolution of determining whether a business can be successful or not. Periscope can be used by any brand in new and extremely creative ways. Live streaming technology is the new frontier, folks!

Get on board before the train takes off

Even more exciting, it reminds me of the early days of Facebook before the platform monetized and placed their focus on making money. Despite celebrities, users have a clean slate to step out really and be popular.  I also LOVE Youtube.

Here is just one of the Periscopes I did

Welcome to Claude Thomas Salon and Spa’s Blogg

Madame Claude

Madame Claude

The warm spring and summer season which was characterized by romance, femininity and tenderness is already behind us, but with falling temperatures hair styles have a stronger and more aggressive look. Hair gets more dramatic volume, the curls are not longer perfectly defined and braids gets messier. Going into 2013, the ponytail becomes the new braid and is more popular than ever before. Check out the most popular hair trends that will inspire you to change the styling of your hair during the winter days.
What kinds of hairdos are in style for the next season? If you have long hair, but you have no idea what to do with it and what hairdo to wear for an upcoming special event, you may find these runways hairdos inspiring, and easy to replicate!

French twist is back in style! I do believe that regular French twist hairdo is appropriate for the office.

french-twist-hairstylecasual-french-twist (1)brown-hair

As for a dramatic Oscar de la Renta’s French twist as in his  Spring 2013 fashion show, this kind of hairdo calls for mo9re of  a special occasion. Would I suggest you going with colorful highlights? Absolutely YES. As for the French twist itself, I do believe, Oscar de la Renta’s variation is very stylish and  gets our attention. You may decide to duplicates this French twist for some special occasions you are attending this season. For anyone who thought that the French twist was so “yesterday”,   this 2013 fashion show proved the opposite was true.


kate-beckinsalekaty-perry-french-twist (1)